Safe Routes to School Workshops

People sitting around tables at Board meetingCommunities and schools with limited access to resources are often unable to take advantage of opportunities to address challenges such as traffic safety concerns, and high rates of obesity. While a comprehensive Safe Routes to School (SRTS) intervention can address safety issues and increase walking and biking to school, these underserved communities are often unaware of SRTS grants and less competitive because of their lack of grant-writing capacity. Our objective is to provide these schools with SRTS funding as well as the capacity to use the funds effectively.

In this project, PedNet Coalition is partnering with M. G. Tech-Writing to develop and deliver a series of workshops targeting rural and urban Missouri communities with limited resources. Following the workshops, one rural community and one urban community will be selected to receive an intensive year-long program of SRTS planning assistance and capacity-building support. The goal is to prepare these two communities to apply for their own SRTS grants in the 2014 round of funding.

These workshops are funded by Missouri Department of Transportation.

Online Resources for Workshops
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Additional Online Resources
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