Park Sales Tax Renewal

On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, Columbia residents will vote on the 1/8 cent renewable Park Sales Tax. If approved, the tax will be renewed for 6 years. This is not a new tax; it is a renewal of an existing tax. Renewing the Park Sales Tax will not increase Columbia’s sales tax rate.

PedNet Coalition’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to support the Park Sales Tax renewal. Why? The Park Sales Tax is the main funding source that allows the City to continue building out Columbia’s trail network. An interconnected trail network is the foundation of PedNet’s vision of a healthy and active community.

What will renewing the Park Sales Tax mean for Columbia’s trails?

  • Perche Creek Trail: MKT to Gillespie Bridge Road + Chapel Hill connector ($1.7 million)
  • Hinkson Creek Trail: Stephens Lake Park to Clark Lane ($950,000)
  • MKT Trail bridge replacements ($230,000)
  • Annual trail acquisition, trail improvements, and grant match funding ($600,000)

Perche Creek Trail map Hinkson Creek Trail

(See the full project list.)

Both the Perche Creek Trail and Hinkson Creek Trail are part of the 30-mile trail loop around the city that Parks and Recreation is working to build. Achieving this reality of safe, convenient and healthy transportation by trail will only be possible through the support of public funding like the Park Sales Tax.

The Park Sales Tax renewal is a single-issue election. There won’t be any other issues on the ballot. Single-issue elections typically have a very small voter turnout: only around 6,000 people.

This means it is all the more important that parks and trails supporters go out and vote on Tuesday.

On November 3, vote yes for parks and trails!

Vote yes to renew Columbia's parks and trails funding