Neighborhood Grassroots Organizing

Our Neighborhood Grassroots Organizing project is an equity campaign in Columbia, designed to lift up the voices of underrepresented populations so that their transportation needs are heard and their perspectives and ideas influence important, upcoming transportation infrastructure and policy decisions.

We will engage residents of Columbia’s five Vision Zero “priority neighborhoods,” which are areas with high rates of poverty, people of color, households without vehicles, crime, unemployment, stress, and poor housing.

The goals of the Neighborhood Grassroots Organizing project include:

  1. Our Community Engagement Coordinator and Communications Coordinator will go to where underrepresented populations are gathering, listen, and gather input on transportation needs and barriers.
  2. Build trust and relationships with underrepresented populations to create momentum that will lead to more connections with these groups in the future, ensuring our future advocacy represents the entire community.
  3. Identify neighborhood leaders who are engaged in their neighborhoods and partner with them through trainings, stipends, and co-creating solutions to transportation barriers.
  4. Strengthen our membership with lower-income people and people of color who rely on walking, biking, and transit for transportation.

PedNet intern, Yangchen, conducting neighborhood surveys.