Giving Rides

Two women riding on adapted wheelchair bike

Giving Rides logo with heart chainring

Giving Rides allows everyone to enjoy Columbia’s beloved trails, regardless of age or ability.

We use our specially adapted Duet tandem wheelchair bike to give older adults and people with disabilities recreational bike rides on the trail.

Younger woman giving bike ride to older woman in adapted wheelchair bikeThe Duet has a standard bicycle back half and a wheelchair front half.  This allows people who aren’t able to ride a bike by themselves to go for a bike ride with the help of a volunteer piloting the bike. The Duet comes complete with seat straps for the wheelchair and electric assistance, which helps the pilot to pedal along even up hills.

Giving Rides fills a need for people who may not have the opportunity to spend much time outside, and might otherwise feel isolated in their homes or care facilities. Giving Rides creates a physically and mentally rewarding opportunity to enjoy the trail. Giving Rides also builds social connections between volunteers and riders, improving the quality of life for participants on both halves of the bike.

Giving Rides is 100% funded by local donations.

PedNet was able to purchase the Duet bike thanks to sponsorships from Veterans United Foundation and The Bank of Missouri, as well as the generosity of our 2016 CoMoGives donors.


The ongoing costs of coordinating the program and training volunteers are supported by the donations of PedNet’s Members.