Annette Triplett | Chief Development Officer

Annette Triplett lives in Columbia, Missouri, where you might find her riding a basket bike in heels. She lived without a car while she was in university (mostly because she didn’t have any money), and found that she liked walking and riding the bus to get where she wanted to go. When she got her first job, she drew a 2-mile radius around her office and decided to buy a house in this area so she could keep walking to work. Her pleasant and easy walk to work each day showed her how much transportation influences our lives (whether for good or for bad), and reminded her that not everyone has the privilege of choosing where they live. Annette is now CDO of PedNet Coalition, where she and her team advocate for policies and infrastructure that make walking, biking, and transit safe and easy. She’d love to nerd out with you about growing fruits and vegetables, and that time she planted 400 heads of garlic in her backyard. Annette sees transportation as the great connector between each of us and everything we want and need, and believes that good transportation makes us happy.