Kathleen McKinney | Operations Manager

Kathleen and rescued dog Snickers

If you need a recommendation on the best TV series to watch or honest feedback on your outfit, Kathleen is the person to ask! Kathleen grew up in a small town in Arkansas surrounded by
family pets and fostered animals. While working on her master’s degree in public health at the University of Missouri, she happened into an internship with PedNet. As a person from a rural community dominated by car culture with no real alternative options to get around town, Kathleen found it very eye-opening to learn of the direct impact that a community’s transportation system has on its residents. Kathleen remained involved with PedNet over the years after her internship and was excited to jump on an opportunity to work for the organization as the Operations Manager. Kathleen still fills her free time with furry friends, having fostered over 150 cats and dogs through a local rescue while creating her own animal family of one dog, two cats, and a horse. As a homeowner on the outskirts of town, she can tell you firsthand that where you live matters when it comes to how you get around. Kathleen wants to work to make sure everyone has accessible and affordable transportation options no matter where they live.