Heather Marriott | Chief Operating Officer

If you want to get to know Heather, ask her about her favorite tabletop game or her latest camping trip! Heather Marriott is a born and raised Columbian who has lived in several different parts of town. When she started working at a downtown restaurant, she quickly realized that the expense of owning a car plus the hassle of parking just didn’t make sense. She sold her car and began biking and using public transit to get where she needed to go. When she saw a job opening posted on PedNet’s Facebook page, she knew this was an organization she wanted to be involved in. Heather came on board to help run PedNet’s programs and events, and her skill at developing community relationships made the position her own and has broadened the influence of PedNet around the Columbia community. Heather wants to help more people understand that transportation access is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty.