Michael Amantea | Community Engagement Specialist

  • Michael Amantea
  • Community Engagement Specialist
  • Missourians for Responsible Transportation
  • 646.270.0750
  • Michael@MovingMissouri.org

Michael Amantea is a community theater and Dungeons and Dragons nerd originally from the suburbs of St. Louis. For years he let life take him wherever it pleased, and Columbia, MO is his most recent stop along the way. Feeling restless and wanting to make some changes, Michael decided to take control of his life. He felt driven to make a positive contribution to society, so he joined Missourians for Responsible Transportation as Community Engagement Specialist. In this role, he builds connections throughout rural Missouri to fight for transportation choices so vulnerable people can meet their needs. Michael is motivated to improve his own health, and you might see him trying out his new running shoes as he jogs around the neighborhoods near the PedNet office to train for his first marathon. Michael’s enthusiasm is undeniable: “This job is a dream come true! I get to connect with fascinating and loving people at work, do good, and still have time to pursue my own passions outside work.”