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Columbia loves Bike, Walk & Wheel Week!

Thank you for loving Bike, Walk & Wheel Week as much as I do! PedNet helped create Bike, Walk & Wheel Week way back in 2002, and I’ve been coordinating the events since 2017.

Bike, Walk & Wheel Week is an annual celebration of being active, and encourages each of us to walk, bike, use a wheelchair, or ride public transit for some of our trips. Every year, hundreds of people join in our Bike, Walk & Wheel Week events. Think of the thousands of people who have enjoyed Bike, Walk & Wheel Week and shifted their trips over the last 19 years!

COVID forced us to make major changes to Bike, Walk & Wheel Week in 2020 and 2021. Last year the events were all virtual, and this year we had a hybrid of virtual and in-person events. We believe Bike, Walk & Wheel Week adds a lot of value to the community, so we continued offering these events for free, even though we had no event income.

PedNet typically raises a little money to support our mission through event sponsorships and registrations for paid events like Bikes & Brews. But during these pandemic years, we haven’t been able to raise these funds. In 2020, we originally budgeted to raise $14,000 through sponsorships and event registrations. But because of COVID, our fundraising through annual events was effectively zero.

I know you believe in Bike, Walk & Wheel Week like I do. When you give, you’ll help PedNet continue offering events like Bike, Walk & Wheel Week for many years in the future.

We’re tentatively planning for several in-person events and a big announcement later this year(!!!) and I hope to see you there!