Make a Donation to PedNet Coalition

We did it. Together, we changed the future of trails in Columbia.

This summer, 350 people like you submitted letters to City Council asking for additional trails to be included in the Park Sales Tax project list. At the August 16 vote, people like you filled the Council Chambers to show support for trails.

And it worked. City Council listened to our input, and directed City staff to update the project list to include more trails. At the September 7 Council meeting, City Council approved the revised list.

Every single trail we asked for is included in either the Priority 1 or Priority 2 project list.

This campaign has changed the course of trail-building in Columbia. Because we worked together and made the needs of the people clear, Columbia is on track to build 3-4x more trails than the original proposal.

This is the power of grassroots organizing. PedNet has built a strong reputation, but our ability to influence big decisions like this is largely the result of people like you backing us up. Decision makers listen when we’re in the room because we represent the transportation needs of so many people.

We’re celebrating this big win today, but we know we’re not to the finish line yet. Influencing the project list is just the first step. Next, we have to ensure that the voters approve the Park Sales Tax renewal in November. PedNet will be on the tax renewal campaign team, but we need your help.

Will you help PedNet get these trails to the finish line? We’re so close, but the next couple months will be critical. Your gift will help ensure that our efforts
together this summer haven’t been in vain.