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This is a critical moment for walking and biking. Collectively, we are all facing a crisis. And individually, our way of coping with it is almost universally the same: get outside to walk or bike.

We’re relying on trails more than ever. We know you love trails like we do. But right now just how much our society in general appreciates trails is more visible and obvious than ever. Our trails are packed.

Woman riding bike on the trail with her child.

Across the country, trail use is up 200%.

We’re turning to trails for relief. We’re enjoying the simple pleasure of spending time in nature. We’re rediscovering the immense value of exercise for our physical and mental health. And we’re using trails to get where we need to go.

This crisis has made obvious the pent-up, overlooked demand for safe places to walk and bike. In the last City survey, 82% of households said that they used the trails. We now have the challenge of overcrowding on our favorite trails partially because we’re all trying to use the same community assets at the same time. But there is another less obvious, underlying issue.

In Columbia we like to think of ourselves as a trail city. But few people know that Columbia falls well below Missouri’s park standards for recommended miles of trails per person. For Columbia to just meet the standard, we need an additional 93 miles of trails! Our trails are unique and beautiful, but we simply don’t have enough. And they are not evenly distributed across the city. This will still be an issue even after the pandemic passes.

We need your help now more than ever.

The pent-up demand for trails has risen above the surface and can’t be ignored any longer. Now is the time to be bold in advocating for a network of trails that is adequate in meeting the needs of the many people who live here.

PedNet advocates for trails, sidewalks, protected bike lanes, better bus service, and safe city streets.

With our input, the City recently set ambitious goals to increase the number of trips by walking, biking, and transit. But in order for Columbia to reach these goals, PedNet needs to be at the table. And we can only do that with your help.

Can we count on you to get behind us in this critical moment? Your gift will bolster PedNet’s advocacy in response to this unprecedented demand for walking and biking.