Traffic Professionals

Wheelchairs and bikes lined up in a parking lot

Preparing for a full day of training with traffic engineers.

To help traffic professionals increase their capacity to create safer and more comfortable environments for non-motorized users we combine classroom learning and an outdoor experience.

The classroom presentation will involve discussion about non-motorized design, facility costs, and funding. The outdoor portions will involve the participants using the particular mode (wheelchair, feet, bicycle) to move around their community. This training will allow them to gain the perspective of all road users, which will forever change the way they view the roads, streets, and sidewalks in their community.

Law Enforcement

Far too often, officers are left guessing when it comes to bicycling issues due to a lack of specialized training. PedNet’s course, “Rights and Duties: A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide to Bicycling Issues,” gives law enforcement the information they need to resolve conflicts between motorists and bicyclists in a positive way that protects the rights of both parties and creates a culture of safety and mutual respect.

Bike Education Programs for Adults and Children

Adults outside on bikes during a course

Adults participating in a bike education course.

We help school districts and local governments implement self-sufficient bicycle education programs, which include training staff to become certified instructors, teaching the bicycle curriculum, and recruiting students.