We have exciting news: Restructuring at PedNet

At PedNet, we believe leadership turnover is not only healthy but vital for the continued success of an organization. Shifting our responsibilities fosters new leaders within the organization as well as the greater transportation advocacy movement, bringing in fresh perspectives and ideas. Along those lines, we have an announcement to make! 

We are restructuring PedNet from a traditional leadership model to a shared leadership model. As staff, we are all excited about this new structure. We recognize leadership as practices that should be shared across all levels of our organization, as a group process rather than a specific role. After more than 8 years, Annette is stepping down from her position as the CEO of PedNet. Fret not, she’s not leaving us, she is shifting into the newly created Chief Development Officer position. We have wanted to create this position for years and finally have enough staff to do so. With this role, Annette can focus her efforts on fundraising, event management, and large grant writing. 

Lawrence Simonson will be moving into the role of CEO of PedNet. Lawrence has been key in setting the organization’s direction for his 11 years with us, most recently as co-director, and this shift is a way to formally recognize the work that he’s been doing. Additionally, Heather Marriott is being moved from Community Engagement Director into the newly created Chief Operations Officer role, taking over the administrative and human resource responsibilities of the organization. 

Leadership of our organization has been unofficially spread amongst us for some time, and this restructuring allows us to each take on the tasks that best fit into our individual skill sets. With this restructure, we can plan for long-term sustainability of the organization, stay ahead of the curve on arising advocacy issues, and develop future leaders. 2021 is going to be a big year for PedNet.

Meet Lawrence & Heather:

Lawrence is a wingtips-wearing, cargo bike-riding, rad dad who lives in Columbia. Because of the 40-minute commute to his first post-college job, he became interested in how transportation options affect the opportunities we each have. Lawrence believes that when a transportation system serves the needs of the most vulnerable people in the community, it works best for everyone.

Heather is a huge D&D nerd and lover of outdoor activities (the two can co-exist!). She spent a decade in the military and went to college in her mid-20’s. While working and going to classes downtown, she decided to save money and ride a bike and take the bus instead of driving. Heather wants to help people understand that transportation access is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty.

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