Social Distancing Walks

Social distancing and isolating by ourselves can be hard on our mental health and motivation.

Finding ways to cope will get us through these challenging and new times! Going on walks outside can break up the monotony of your day, while passing time. But, taking walks can get repetitive.

So, your PedNet team has compiled a list of ideas, or things we even do ourselves, on walks during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Take your phone or camera on a walk and take pictures of scenery, something you’ve never seen before, or yourself enjoying the stroll!
  2. Be a birder. Rent a copy of a bird identification book from your local library, buy one, or use a birding app (click here for a list of good birding apps). Try to identify the birds in your area.
  3. Listen to a new podcast (also free)! Some of the top podcasts today can be found on this list here.
  4. Take a meditative walk! Find the best apps here that guide you to a calming and cleansing walk.
  5. Download an astronomy app and take a walk at night. You can use the app to look at the constellations and planets in your sky! Click here for some suggested apps.  
  6. Similar to #5, and suggested by our staff member Ron Bentch, go on a walk to track the International Space Station and see when it’s going to fly overhead! You can use the information here to get started.
  7. Take a walk at sunrise and sunset. You’d be surprised at the colors you miss in the sky when you’re not awake or inside!
  8. Walk and talk! Call a friend or family to catch up.
  9. Explore a new part of your neighborhood. Print off a map and cross out or highlight the new parts you’ve been to!
  10. Pick up trash! Bring along a bag and some gloves, and try to beautify your streets one block at a time.
  11. National Walking Challenge put together this great list of walking adventures. Some don’t apply to a quarantined life, but there are so many ideas to get some creativity in your walks!
  12. Add some different body exercises or challenges to your walk. There is a great list of ideas from walking backwards to practicing your balance here.

PedNet is hoping you’ll get outside for a walk at least once a day.

Use this list to make those walks a little more exciting!

Stay safe and sane,

The PedNet Team

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