Would you be able to get where you want to go without a car?

October 17, 2019

Have you ever been unable to get to a grocery store, a doctor’s appointment, or your job because you didn’t have safe, reliable transportation?

1/3 of Missourians do not have a driver’s license.

You know the transportation challenges facing Columbia. In my visits to rural areas, I’ve learned that the transportation issues facing Columbia are the same issues facing rural Missouri.

When driving is the only option, a lot of people are left out. Older adults can’t get to healthcare appointments, veterans with disabilities feel stranded in their homes, hardworking Missourians can’t get to jobs, and kids can’t walk to school because a highway cuts through their town. Rural Missourians want safe places to walk, the option of biking to work, and public transit in their areas.

But their voices aren’t being heard. A rural public transit provider in Licking, MO told me:

“No one is hearing us, and no one cares what is happening to our people.”

Grassy ditch next to highway
This is a ditch where kids walk to school near Excelsior, MO.

You’re a PedNet supporter, so you know the value of having someone represent you to City Council. But what about having someone represent you to state legislators? To MoDOT? 

Missourians for Responsible Transportation is a statewide partnership led by PedNet and three other transportation advocacy organizations that is raising the voices of Missourians to state legislators and policymakers.

State-level decisions affect all of us.

We’re working to improve public transit, tackle the crisis of distracted driving, and make the Rock Island Trail a reality. 

You can make statewide change possible. When people like you in urban and rural areas come together, you become an advocacy force that cannot be ignored.

Can I count on you to get behind us? Your gift will help ensure that all Missourians can get where they want to go.

With many thanks,

Ron Bentch
Project Coordinator
Missourians for Responsible Transportation 
Partnership of PedNet, BikeWalkKC, Trailnet, and Ozark Greenways

P.S. I’m asking you to donate so that Missourians’ transportation needs reach state legislators.

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