This is Norman. He’s 103.

Older man in wheelchair bike with two adult children

Norman has been confined to a wheelchair for many years. Norman was excited to take a bike ride with us while his two children were visiting him all the way from Germany and Italy. 

We believe that our parks and trails should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Through our Giving Rides program, we use our tandem wheelchair bike to take people out for rides on the trail or around our parks who would otherwise not be able to enjoy these amenities.

It costs PedNet $6,000/year to offer Giving Rides. We provide rides at no cost to our participants so everyone can have the same opportunity to enjoy the program.

PedNet relies on the generosity of people like you to create these joyful moments.

Will you help us cover the costs of Giving Rides? Your generosity will give people the freedom to experience our beautiful parks and trails on a bike.
Giving Rides logo with heart chainring
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