Give Special Olympics athletes the freedom of riding a bike.

June 7, 2019

The tornado that moved through Jefferson City on May 22 hit one of my favorite organizations: Special Olympics Missouri. Their beautiful new Training for Life Campus was severely damaged.

I’ve worked with Special Olympics Missouri’s summer Sports Camp for years, and worried that camp scheduled for June 17-20 would have to be canceled. I was relieved to learn that Missouri Military Academy stepped up and offered their facility so the athletes can still attend camp.

During camp I teach hands-on bike classes to Special Olympics athletes. Learning to ride a bike is a major life milestone, and one that some of the athletes and their family members think they will never get to experience.

That’s why it’s so humbling to see tears of joy from a parent as they see their child riding a bike for the first time.

The classes I teach are back-to-back all day, hot, and exhausting, but seeing the athletes’ enthusiasm and determination brings me to tears every year.

Special Olympics athletes

As Special Olympics Missouri focuses on the long process of rebuilding their Training for Life Campus, we want to do as much as we can to help them with the cost of Sports Camp.

It costs PedNet around $3,000 to provide the equipment and group of trainers needed to teach the bike classes. PedNet would like to completely cover these costs for Special Olympics Missouri this year.

Can you help us cover the costs of bike training for Special Olympics athletes? Can I count on you to give $60, $125, or $250 for Special Olympics Missouri’s Sports Camp?

Special Olympics Missouri needs our help as they recover from devastating tornado damage. Can you help us meet our $3,000 fundraising goal for their Sports Camp?

For some of the athletes, our class is the very first time they’re able to ride a bike. For the others who already know how to ride, camp gives them the skills they need to get around by bike independently. This program means so much to the athletes, their families, the Special Olympics staff, and to me.

I’ve never worked with any other group of individuals who respond to challenges and failure with such positivity and turn it into a valuable learning experience. I am so excited and humbled to have the opportunity to again help these athletes gain confidence to reach goals they never thought they could accomplish. I hope you can be part of making this experience possible.

With gratitude,

Lawrence Simonson
Chief Strategy Officer

P.S. I’m asking you to donate $60, $125, or $250 in support of Special Olympics Missouri’s Sports Camp. Your generosity will give Special Olympics athletes the freedom of riding a bike.

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