Bike, Walk & Wheel Week is a community celebration!

May 1, 2019

We’re only a few days away from our 18th annual Bike, Walk & Wheel Week! I’m President of PedNet’s Board of Directors this year, and I’d like to invite you to join us for the events May 11-19. Bike, Walk & Wheel Week really has become a loved community celebration. This year we’re partnering with 35 businesses and organizations.

Almost all of the events this year are free! We want everyone to be able to participate. We have amazing partners like Shelter Insurance, Café Berlin, One to One Print Shop, and others that help us sponsor some of the events. But as a business we have to be realistic about our costs.

We still have a $7,000 funding gap for Bike, Walk & Wheel Week that’s not covered by sponsorships and registrations.

Can you help us cover this gap? Would you give $60, $125, or $250 to help keep the experience of Bike, Walk & Wheel Week available to everyone?

I know you support PedNet’s advocacy like I do, and Bike, Walk & Wheel Week events show how easy and fun it can be to get around town by foot, bike, wheelchair, or bus.

Do you know Barbie Banks from Ragtag Film Society? Last year Barbie came to our electric bike demo. She had a regular bike but didn’t use it for commuting because she worried she might not look polished by the time she got to work. At the demo she was so impressed by the e-bike she tried that she bought it! The e-bike made her effort more manageable, and she knew she’d get to work looking great. Barbie now uses her e-bike to commute almost every day! We’re so thrilled to see how Bike, Walk & Wheel Week has impacted thousands of people who have attended over the years.

Woman in dress on bike in front of Ragtag Cinema

We’re preparing ten events for you over nine days, and we only have a couple weeks left. Will you donate today to help us host a great experience for you? Your gift will make a difference in keeping as many events as possible free and open to everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you at Bike, Walk & Wheel Week!

Sarah Ashman signature

Sarah Ashman
Board President

P.S. Will you donate $60, $125, or $250 to support Bike, Walk & Wheel Week? Your gift will help keep the events available to everyone.

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