Welcome to our new Program Assistant, Persephone!

Woman with dark hair standing in front of vintage bicycle with wooden box

We’re so happy to announce that we recently welcomed the newest member of the PedNet team! Persephone has joined us as Program Assistant, and will manage our Adopt-a-Bike program, bike education, and events.

Persephone Dakopolos, aka Seph, moved from Laurie, MO to Columbia to attend MU in 2004. Since then, she’s worked for many area non-profit organizations in the field of marketing, communications, and development. After graduation she began her professional career working for the Muscular Dystrophy Association followed by The District, where she worked with area businesses owners to expand service and marketing. Seph left Columbia for a short time, traveling to Los Angeles then Midland, Texas, before returning home again to begin advocacy work with Empower Missouri. Seph loves to travel, experiencing new things, and tries to impart meaningful change along the way.

Besides work, Seph volunteers on the city’s Commission on Human Rights and with several political advocacy organizations. She is an avid bike collector and loves all things vintage. Wherever she goes, she takes one of her beloved bikes with her. Here are some photos of their travels.

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