Advocacy Alert: Katy Trail ATV bill voted forward through committee

ATV on rough and rutted trail
State Representative Jay Houghton‘s bill that would allow ATVs and golf carts on the Katy Trail (HB 2047) was voted forward through committee last week.

Notably, the bill now carries an even more damaging amendment. Instead of allowing ATVs twice a month, the amendment would now allow ATVs on the trail every Wednesday.

Other changes in the amendment:

  • Replaces the terminology from “all-terrain vehicles” to “utility vehicles,” up to 2,000 pounds and up to a 600cc engine
  • For adults who are not disabled, the amendment changes the allowable age from 55+ to 60+ years old

The bill has now been referred to the Agriculture Committee, of which Representative Houghton is a member. We expect the bill to again be received favorably by the Committee, so the Committee Members need to hear from you.

Please contact the Committee Members, Representative Houghton, your Missouri State Representative, and the House Leadership to ask them to oppose this bill.

For more information on the bill, why it is unnecessary, and why it would be damaging to the Katy Trail and Missouri’s economy, see our previous Advocacy Alert.

Photo credit: Flickr

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