Keep an eye on these state bills in the 2016 legislative session

Missouri State Capitol under the bridge crossing the Missouri River in Jefferson City, Missouri

We oppose:

  • HB2047 (Houghton): Allows ATVs and golf carts on the Katy Trail on certain days when operated by people with disabilities or over age 55
  • HB2046 (Houghton): Requires bicycles operated on lettered county roads to carry a 15-foot high orange flag
  • HB2264 (Korman): Allows vehicle drivers to turn right on a red light without coming to a complete stop

We support:

  • HB2044 (Davis): Sets a minimum safe passing distance of 3 feet for drivers when passing a bicyclist
  • HB1813 (Hicks)/SB917 (Schaefer): Increases penalties for drivers who fail to yield, leading to a crash that injures or kills
  • HB2178 (Higdon): Requires high schools to offer driver’s education courses
  • Multiple bills: Bans distracted driving, including texting while driving

You can look up your State Representative’s contact information and call or email them to ask them to support or oppose these bills.

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