Advocacy Win: Congress Sets National Goal to Reduce Bike/Ped Fatalities

League of American bicyclists logoDuring the 2014 National Bike Summit in Washington DC, one the priorities of the attending advocates, PedNet staff included, was to ask members of Congress to set a goal to reduce the number of bicycle and pedestrian fatalities. In December of last year, that goal was met. The 2015 budget included a directive to the U.S. Department of Transportation to “create a separate non-motorized safety performance measure.”

According to The League of American Bicyclists, “roughly 20% of Congress co-sponsored the bill — and more than half of those co-sponsors’ offices point to the National Bike Summit as the catalyst for co-sponsoring the bill.”

PedNet staff will be returning this year to Washington DC for the 2015 National Bike Summit to continue to advocate for bicyclists and pedestrians. Hopefully, from this year’s summit, we will see even more progress and another big win for people who bike and walk.

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