We are all pedestrians

We are all pedestrians at some point in our day. Whether we walk for transportation to get to work or school, walk our dog for fun and fitness, cross the street to go to the bank or store, or simply need to safely navigate our office parking lot, we all need a safe place to walk.

Yesterday was a tragic day for pedestrians in Columbia. Three car crashes involving pedestrians resulted in one person killed and two injured. While it is some consolation to know that three pedestrian crashes in one day is considered an “anomaly” in Columbia, this type of tragedy is sadly not so rare. Only last month a pedestrian was killed while crossing Stadium, and 3 months ago, two people were hit by a car while walking along Range Line, resulting in one person killed and one injured.

We are saddened and troubled by these events and their resulting injuries and tragic loss of life. They are a somber reminder of the need for continuing advocacy for safe pedestrian infrastructure, including sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian signals. They also encourage us to stress to both pedestrians and drivers the importance of safe behavior, particularly being aware of users of other forms of transportation. We thank our members whose financial support allows us to advocate for improvements to pedestrian infrastructure and policies.

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