Business Member Spotlight: Tryathletics

Tryathletics store frontSteve Stoneshipher-Fisher began Tryathletics downtown in 1986 to give Columbia a more specialized store for running, cycling, and swimming. Nearly three decades later, he has moved locations but the motivation to encourage people to be more physically active is the same. “Being healthier in general is a big plus,” said Steve, “being active for transportation is an added benefit.”  As someone who grew up running and biking 30 miles a day with his brother, he understands the value of an active lifestyle.

When asked why he became a PedNet Business Member, he replied, “I appreciate there are folks who are promoting healthy choices. If your goals are met, more of my goals get met.”  To ensure his costumers stay active, whether it is for recreation, sport, or commuting, Tryathletics does their best to provide people with the equipment that’s right for their needs. “You have to have fun doing what you’re doing because if you don’t, you won’t come back.” Meaning fewer of our businesses’ goals would be met.

To guarantee those transitioning from car to active transportation have fun, he recommends researching your route beforehand.  “It’s not always the shortest trail. There are some roads that are better than others and you need to find the route that’s best for you,” explained Steve.  However, he believes people would be surprised at how short 3-4 miles is once they gave bicycling and walking a chance. Finally, he adds it’s important to be aware of what’s going on around you. “While there are adaptations being made to our transportation system, we are still an automobile society.”

As for the future of active transportation in Columbia, Steve urged the importance of new construction being built for all road users. “We can gain so much more by making sure new construction is done so we have the space we need. It costs a lot more money per mile to go back and fix it.” Steve acknowledged that, “As a community, we try to make things better for the public and I like to see that because I’ve seen communities that don’t try at all. We try to fix what we perceive is wrong.”

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