Sample Comments for the MoDOT Priority Project List

We encourage you to submit your comments to MoDOT to ensure that bicycle, pedestrian and public transit receive their fair share in the Columbia area.

View MoDOT’s Draft Project List and submit your comments TODAY (Public comment will close tomorrow, July 3rd at 5pm):

Sample Comments:
I appreciate the Central District’s inclusion of bicycle, pedestrian, and transit projects in its draft project list. I support the call by PedNet and the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation to include one or more of the Columbia Area Transportation Study Organization’s very top priority bicycle/pedestrian projects on the Central District’s project list before it is finalized. 

I support the Federation’s call for improved sidewalks and shoulders, including shoulders with three feet or more clear space wherever feasible, to identify and address bicycle and pedestrian safety and connectivity as a routine part of every MoDOT road and bridge project, and to create statewide and district-wide bicycle and pedestrian plans.

Background information
The Central Missouri MoDOT District has identified a number of important transportation projects in the region for the proposed $5.4 billion transportation sales tax.

The transit projects in Columbia are a major step forward, but the project selection for bicycle and pedestrian projects is weak. We are encouraging MoDOT to look at the Columbia Area Transportation Study Area’s (CATSO) very top priorities for biking, walking, and trails in the region and pick one or more of the top priorities to make a real impact on biking and walking in the Columbia area.

You can see CATSO’s suggested project list here and MoDOT’s current list here.

Even if you do not support the transportation sales tax, here is why you should consider taking two minutes to contact MoDOT to ask for more bicycle & pedestrian safety funding in this proposal.

  • Despite your opposition, the tax has a decent chance of winning at the ballot in August. We have to be sure that the Project List, which MoDOT will be legally bound to provide if the tax passes, is as good as possible–because it just *might* win.
  • If our issues are omitted from the tax, and it passes, we are going to be stuck in a very, very bad place for the next 10 years. After next Thursday, July 3rd, there will be NO CHANCE to change this project list for the next 10 years. We need to take our chance now while we have it.
  • If the tax fails, the transportation funding crisis will continue and deepen. The project list we are creating now will be the starting point for any new project list proposed in the future. If we let them omit bicycling and walking from this list without kicking up a big fuss then we’re bound to be left out of the next list as well.
  • Despite commenting on the project list, on August 5th you can still vote for or against the overall tax.

View MoDOT’s Draft Project List and submit your comments by 5pm on Thursday, July 3rd.

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