MoDOT releases revised Draft Project List with cost estimates

We previously noted that one of our main concerns with MoDOT’s Draft Project List was that MoDOT had not released cost estimates for the projects. Without the costs it was impossible to know how much of the overall sales tax funding would be allocated to the various forms of transportation (roads/bridges, public transit, non-motorized, airports, etc.). We were also unable to compare specific projects, as the individual project budgets were unknown.

The Associated Press submitted a Sunshine Law request for the cost estimates, and on Monday MoDOT released an updated list with cost estimates for each project. The updated version of the Draft Project List includes updates as of July 7, compared to the original version released in June.

Highlights from the updated Draft Project List and cost estimates:

Columbia area

  • Fixed funding contribution to improve public transportation in Columbia by adding two service hours daily
    • $10.5 million
  • Fixed funding contribution to OATS for new service between Columbia and Jefferson City
    • $1 million
  • Fixed funding contribution to expand public transportation services by one day per week in each county (Central Region)
    • $5.4 million
  • Construct a sidewalk along West Broadway from West Boulevard to Maplewood
    • $0.7 million
  • Construct a sidewalk along Garth Avenue from Worley to just south of Sexton Road
    • $0.30 million

While we are happy to see the investments committed to public transit, we are disappointed that only $1 million has been allocated to non-motorized transportation projects in Boone County. This represents approximately a tiny investment in an area which strongly values and uses active transportation. The $1 million for two sidewalks in Columbia would constitute 1.5% of the the total budget allocated to transportation projects in Boone County (excluding multi-county projects).

Other significant active transportation projects

  • Fixed funding contribution to purchase Rock Island Rail Line corridor for a shared-use path for non-motorized use from Kansas City to Pleasant Hill. Project delivery is contingent upon $48 million contribution from Jackson County.
    • $24 million
  • Kansas City and St. Louis streetcars, contingent on $627.5 million in local funding
    • $149 million
  • Kansas City-area regional non-motorized transportation program
    • $35 million
  • Fixed funding contribution for buses and public transportation service in the Southeast Region
    • $25 million
  • Construct non-motorized facility across the Missouri River in City of St Charles
    • $21.3 million

The comment period on the Draft Project List is now closed. The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission will vote on the project list on July 9, and Amendment 7 will come before the voters on August 5.

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