Inform Yourself on Amendment 7 Before the August 5th Vote

Amendment 7 is a proposed 0.75% transportation sales tax which would last for 10 years. Missourians will vote on the Amendment on August 5.

Facts about Amendment 7 (from MoDOT)

  • Will provide an estimated $5.4 billion in funding for transportation projects over 10 years (2015-2025)
  • The measure provides that 90 percent of the revenue, an estimated $480 million annually, will go toward state transportation initiatives. Ten percent, or an estimated $54 million annually, will be split among cities and counties for transportation projects.
  • The sales tax increase will not be applied to purchases of medicine, groceries and gasoline.
  • Fuel taxes will not increase and toll roads will not be implemented over the 10-year time period.
  • The sales tax revenues can be used for ANY transportation purpose (road and bridge improvements, urban and rural transit, friendlier bike and pedestrian accommodations, improvements in rail, ports and airports).

What does Amendment 7 mean for active transportation?

Currently the bulk of MoDOT’s state funding comes from the gas tax. The gas tax is constitutionally restricted from being spent on any transportation projects other than roads and bridges. This means that MoDOT cannot spend gas tax funds on biking, walking or public transportation infrastructure.

If Amendment 7 passes, for the first time state transportation funding would be allowed to be used for all forms of transportation, including biking, walking and transit. The Amendment does not require that the funds be used for these types of projects, but gives MoDOT, cities and counties the flexibility to spend the funds on any form of transportation, depending on the needs of the community.

Highlights from the Approved Project List and cost estimates:

Columbia area

  • Fixed funding contribution to improve public transportation in Columbia by adding two service hours daily ($10.5 million)
  • Fixed funding contribution to OATS for new service between Columbia and Jefferson City ($1 million)
  • Fixed funding contribution to expand public transportation services by one day per week in each county (Central Region) ($5.4 million)
  • Construct a sidewalk along West Broadway from West Boulevard to Maplewood ($0.7 million)
  • Construct a sidewalk along Garth Avenue from Worley to just south of Sexton Road ($0.30 million)

While we are happy to see the investments committed to public transit, we are disappointed that only $1 million has been allocated to non-motorized transportation projects in Boone County. This represents a tiny investment in an area which strongly values and uses active transportation. The $1 million for two sidewalks in Columbia would constitute 1.5% of the total budget allocated to transportation projects in Boone County (excluding multi-county projects).

Other significant active transportation projects

  • Fixed funding contribution to purchase Rock Island Rail Line corridor for a shared-use path for non-motorized use from Kansas City to Pleasant Hill. Project delivery is contingent upon $48 million contribution from Jackson County ($24 million)
  • Kansas City and St. Louis streetcars, contingent on $627.5 million in local funding ($149 million)
  • Kansas City-area regional non-motorized transportation program ($35 million)
  • Fixed funding contribution for buses and public transportation service in the Southeast Region ($25 million)
  • Construct non-motorized facility across the Missouri River in City of St Charles ($21.3 million)
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