MKT-Parkade Bike Boulevard at Council

iStock_000019888331SmallA proposed bike boulevard (MKT-Parkade), part of the Non-Motorized Transportation (GetAbout) program, is being considered
that would connect the MKT to northern Columbia near Business Loop. It would include safety improvements at multiple intersections and lane striping with the intention of creating a safer route for bicyclists and pedestrains to travel between the two locations.

Columbia already has one bike boulevard, Ash-Windsor, and has seen traffic safety increase as well as strong neighborhood support along the route. Results from a study on the project showed a 45% decrease in vehicle traffic, a decrease in vehicle speed, and 125% increase in bicycle traffic during peak hours.

A public hearing for this project is set for 7:00pm June 2, 2014, at City Hall. We encourage you to attend the Council meeting and speak in favor of the project, or if you cannot attend, contact your council member via email

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