Kate the Intern Talks about CoMo Connect

Kate is a senior nursing student at University of Missouri and will be graduating in May. She hopes to stay here in Columbia, and go back to school to get her Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner degree to someday work in dermatology.

Tiger Transit bus In February of this year I attended the City Council meeting which voted to pass the CoMO Connect plan. This project will implement new bus routes around Columbia in attempt to reduce wait times at individual stops as well as better connect the city of Columbia. The current “hub-and-spoke” or “orbital pulse” system of organizing routes — which generally begin and end at Wabash, located downtown — will be replaced with a system in which two commuter routes that span the city north-south and east-west link up with smaller neighborhood routes running tighter circles within certain areas of the city.

            This past Sunday, the Columbia Public Transit buses ran some of the proposed routes to simulate the flow of traffic. The buses had signs that clearly stated “Out of Service” and this was strictly a training procedure. According to the CoMO connect City Public Works site, the training was a success and only minor adjustments will be implemented. There will be many more of these training routes over the next weeks, in attempt to perfect the bus routes for the upcoming summer months. View the CoMo Connect wesbite to find regular updates, bus schedules, routes, and many more useful tools to keep you in the loop.


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