Kaity the Intern Discusses Bike/Ped Day at the Capitol

Kaity is a second year nursing student at the University of Missouri. She works at Children’s Mercy Hospital and hopes to continue a career in pediatrics after completing school in May.

Missouri State Capitol building with share the road sign

This week I attended my first Bike and Pedestrian Day at the Capitol in Jefferson City. This was an extremely enlightening experience. I was surrounded by organizations and volunteers that gathered from all over the state of Missouri to help advocate for the importance and relevance of bicycling and walking to state legislators. For those who have never attended before, basically this consists of people going to the office of their District Representatives in hopes of talking to them and delivering information on current issues deemed to be the most important. The main discussion points (or our “asks”) for this year are as follows:

  1. Urging opposition to Representative Curtman’s Amendment to HJR 68 to remove bicycling from the state transportation funding proposal
  2. Support the inclusion of funding for bicycling, walking, and transit in the HJR 68/SJR 48 and any future state transportation funding proposals
  3. Urging opposition of Representative Korman’s HB 2279 go ban bicycles from certain state highways
  4. Include needed bicycle and pedestrian elements in the Project List being developed for the Transportation Funding Proposal

Overall, the day was successful. We were able to talk with several representatives and leave a packet of information for those who were out of office for the day. The next day (Tuesday) representatives voted and the amendment to remove bicycles from the transportation funding proposal was defeated! For those who have never been to Bike and Pedestrian Day at the Capitol, I urge you to consider attending in the future. It is inspiring to see and be a part of an event with so many people that are passionate about taking necessary steps to develop a healthier, more active Missouri.

For more information on Bike/Ped Day, visit Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation.

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