Anti-Bicycle Amendment Defeated

We’re happy to report that Representative Curtman’s proposed amendment to remove bicycling from the transportation funding bill was overwhelmingly defeated yesterday. Our friends at Missouri Bicycling and Pedestrian Federation have referred to this vote as the “victory of the decade for bicycling.” Thank you to everyone who contacted their State Representatives by phone, email and through social media to ask that they vote against these bills.

We contacted our Columbia-area State Representatives to ask that they oppose this amendment as well as the bicycle ban proposed by Representative Korman. We also visited the Capitol on Monday for Bike/Ped Day to discuss the bills with legislators and their staff.  Many thanks to Columbia-area Representatives Chris Kelly, Caleb Rowden, Stephen Webber and John Wright who responded back to us that they opposed both the amendment and the bicycle ban!

You can read the full report on the amendment’s defeat from MoBikeFed.

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