Kaity The Intern Talks about BikePro and Safe Cycling

3 West Middle female students riding bikes during BikePro Class

Kaity is a second year nursing student at the University of Missouri. She works at Children’s Mercy Hospital and hopes to continue a career in pediatrics after completing school in May.

 As if I have not been anxious enough for some spring weather to arrive, attending the BikePro event this past Friday at West Middle School made me even more ready to get back outside and enjoy some of my favorite outdoor activities. The event is designed to teach bike safety to the students. The goal is to educate them on the proper rules and regulations of bicycling so they are able to commute safely. Although bicycling is fun; it is important to keep safety at the forefront.  For that reason, I thought it would be beneficial to reiterate some of the key safety tips for bicycling with traffic on the road.

  1. ABC QUICK CHECK: Before you ride, performing an ABC Quick Check can ensure your bike is properly functioning.
  2. OBEY THE LAW: Treat the bicycle like a vehicle and comply with all traffic signs and signals.
  3. GO WITH THE FLOW: Ride on the right side of the road and follow the flow of traffic, not against it.
  4. REMAIN ALERT: Be aware of your surroundings, other vehicles, and rocks or potholes obstructing the road.
  5. SCAN AND SIGNAL: Make sure to scan behind you for a break in traffic and signal appropriately when turning or stopping so others (vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists) know what to expect from you.
  6. REMAIN VISIBLE: Wear bright clothing and ride in a straight line three feet from the curb.

Keep these tips in mind as we all prepare to say goodbye to winter and the indoors and hello to a safe spring outdoors!

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