Kaity The Intern Talks about Benefits to Public Transportation

Kaity is a second year nursing student at the University of Missouri. She works at Children’s Mercy Hospital and hopes to continue a career in pediatrics after completing school in May.

  • Does watching the dollar amount rapidly accumulate as you stop to fill up your personal vehicle at the gas station ever make you cringe?
  • Have you recently arrived fashionably late to an event because you spent longer than anticipated circling the parking lot looking for an available parking spot?
  • Have you found yourself stressed about having to afford unexpected car maintenance and repair expenses?
  • Or have you simply caught yourself feeling guilty for contributing to air pollution and harmful emissions by frequently driving?

If so, public transportation may be the answer for you!

Public transportation encompasses a variety of modes for transportation. It includes busses, transit systems, trolleys, commuter trains, streetcars, and more. Taking advantage of these methods can help with the following:

Tiger Transit bus

  • Enhance personal opportunities
  • Save fuel costs
  • Reduce congestion on the road
  • Save money
  • Reduce gasoline consumption
  • Reduce the amount of harmful emissions

With a recent unanimous vote by City Council, Columbia’s transit system, tentatively called CoMo Connect,  is in the process of being revamped. This system moves away from using the Wabash Station as the bus system’s main hub. Instead, it will incorporate two main routes that will run north to south and east to west as well as neighborhood routes with 42 connector points. Drivers began training for these new routes this week. Look for the new system to be implemented in August.

For additional information regarding the benefits of public transportation, visit the American Public Transportation Association.

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