Kate the Intern Talks about Three S’s: Snow, Sidewalks and Shoveling

Snow Covered Sidewalk

Kate is a senior nursing student at University of Missouri and will be graduating in May. She hopes to stay here in Columbia, and go back to school to get her Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner degree to someday work in dermatology. 

During the past week, after the last snowstorm and recent accumulation, I attempted to travel Columbia by foot. What may be an easy stroll and recreational activity during the warmer seasons, has become a dreaded activity in the winter. Besides the chilly temperatures, it is near impossible to walk on certain sidewalks after a heavy snowfall. The city of Columbia has a plethora of sidewalks, bike lanes and beautiful trails to accommodate the physically active members of the community, as well as those who depend on them for routes of transportation. However, these routes become useless when they are not properly cleared during inclement weather. Besides the importance of safety – we have all had a close call or a full-blown, 360 Olympic wipe out on the ice, sidewalk clearing is an ordinance in Columbia. According to Sec. 24-12, it is required that you clear the sidewalk in front of or adjacent to your home or personal business and failing to do so may result in a misdemeanor.

Please be considerate of your community members, especially children, disabled and elderly, who may have a more difficult time commuting in this weather, and clear your sidewalks. Don’t hesitate to help a neighbor out either! Not sure how to tackle the snow and ice on your sidewalk? Visit Columbia’s website which provides helpful instructions and tips to clear your sidewalks safely and quickly.

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