Kate the Intern Talks About: Preparing Your Bike to Ride

Kate is a senior nursing student at University of Missouri and will be graduating in May. She hopes to stay here in Columbia, and go back to school to get her Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner degree to someday work in dermatology. 

Every day I check the 10 day forecast in hopes of warmer weather and something to look forward to. Every day has been starting with a disappointment lately. This Friday I will be attending BikePro, a bike education program for West Middle School students to learn the basics about bikes and bike safety. This, I am definitely looking forward to! Even though the weather will be bitterly cold, I cannot wait to get back on a bike! As I dug out my bike, which has been sitting in my room for the past few months to protect it from the cold, I realized it could use a little tune up. I found a great article that gives you 7 easy tips to clean and tune up your bike for spring. (Which, hopefully, is right around the corner.)  These steps include:

  1. How to clean your bike
  2. Check your break system
  3. Watch you wheels
  4. Inspect the drivetrain
  5. Check the tires
  6. Check the cables
  7. Add lubricant

I knew how to check my tires, but I had no idea how to check the “drivetrain.” I learned that the drivetrain is important because it is the transfer of power that forces the bike to move by the riders legs! Each step is broken down into why it is important and how to do it, which is very helpful for someone who is a beginner, like me. You may be caught up in the excitement to just get on your bike again, but taking the time to check these 7 simple tips, will keep your bike and you running strong all year long! To learn more about your bike and get ready for the spring that seems to never be approaching, check out the article for some helpful, quick tips.

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