Lucky’s Market selects PedNet Coalition for Reusable Bag Credit Donation

Lucky’s Market has moved into Columbia, MO and is dedicated to helping strengthen and grow the CoMo Community.

Reusable Bag Donation Token Drop Box

“We are passionate about learning, making conscientious choices, and nurturing communities…We believe when we give back to the earth, the earth repays in kind.”

Consistent with their philosophy, Lucky’s Market will choose various local charities to support through two programs;

  • Bag Credit Donations: every time you use a reusable bag you have the chance to donate $0.10 to one of three organizations
  • 5% days: Once per quarter they donate 5% of their total store sale to charity.

PedNet Coalition was chosen as one of the first local organization to participate in their Bag Credit Donations. From Jan 15-March 31, when you shop at Lucky’s Market, be sure to bring a reusable bag to receive a token worth $0.10 and donate to PedNet Coalition.

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