MoDOT Funding: Bike Brigade, Safe Routes to Bus Stops, and Workshops

Missouri State outline with three blue waves and the word MODOT

This year we received funding from MoDOT to operate three programs to promote and encourage active transportation, particularly, in school-age children.  The three programs are Bike Brigade, Safe Routes to Bus Stops, and Workshops.

Bike Brigade
This fall we will manage a Bike Brigade at West Middle School that will operate Monday through Friday, morning and afternoon. A Bike Brigade is a group of children who ride to and from school together on a pre-determined route under adult supervision. To prepare students for the Bike Brigade, we held a Bike Pro Class for interested students to teach them the rules of the road.

Safe Routes to Bus Stops
This past summer we ran a Safe Routes to Bus Stops pilot program at Russell Elementary called the Walking Bus Stop. The Walking Bus Stop is a program in which children walk to and from a centralized neighborhood bus stop rather than having the bus stop directly in front of their house. By altering the bus route slightly so as not to enter every neighborhood, it allows some exercise for those students who take the bus. Using what we learned from the pilot program, we will manage another Walking Bus Stop program this upcoming spring.

We are partnering with M. G. Tech-Writing to develop and deliver a series of workshops providing advice and guidance on how to successfully apply for MoDOT Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grants, targeting rural and urban Missouri communities with limited resources. Following the workshops, one rural community and one urban community will be selected to receive an intensive year-long program of SRTS planning assistance and capacity-building support. The ultimate goal will be to prepare these two communities to apply for their own SRTS grants in the 2014 round of funding.

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